A Pop Of Love is a creative collaboration between friends and fellow mums Sandra Chau of Sandra Chau Design and Amelia Soegijono of Pictures and Hearts Photography. We are a Sydney based fine art pop-up photography team specialising in capturing light-filled memories for you. As mothers, we appreciate how quickly life moves along and believe in providing fun and affordable ways for you to document all your memories every step of the way. We capture you, your families, little ones, partners and milestones just the way they are and as they unfold. We celebrate every little bit about you. We care about capturing those memories for you in the most authentic of ways. Come once a year or come to every pop-up event – we will make it fun and easy for you to capture those memories.



Sandra is a stylist, a creative director, a storyteller and mama to Annabelle who she raises with her husband, Andy in Sydney, Australia. She takes beautiful stories and transforms them into connected experiences and is dedicated empowering you to make it not only incredible, but authentic. When she’s not making things look beautiful, you’ll find her hanging out with my husband and three little people. You can see more of her work and hang out with Sandra on Instagram here.


Amelia has the biggest smile, biggest heart and biggest personality. Having been trained in some of the world’s most prestigious art schools including Parsons School of Design in New York City, she has used her camera to produce ethereal, beautiful and effortless photography for the longest time.  Fashion photography inspires her, wedding photography wakes her up in the morning and humanity photography keeps her grounded. Her genuine spirit to serve and persistence to give only her best has earned her the reputation of being one of the best wedding photographers around! Amelia is also mama to a beautiful little boy, Liam, who she raises with her husband Lex in Sydney, Australia and it was after the birth of Liam that children’s photography stole her heart. You can see more of her work and hang out and follow Amelia on Instagram here.