When Is A Good Time To Photograph Your Kids?

Photographing your kids can be a tricky thing. Age, personality, number of kids, time of day and many other things can play a factor in this so it’s not surprising that we get a lot of people asking us when is the best time to photograph their children. It’s hard to single out the one best time but we can tell you there is an art to picking a good time for happy snaps.


As mums, we know that our children grow up so quickly. We’re sure most of you have said, like us, “he/she’s not a baby anymore!” time and time again. And it’s because of this flashing of time that it’s so important to document our kids developing personalities whenever possible.

So if you ask us when is the best time to photograph those little cuties? This would be at the various stages of them growing up. And as we all know, every baby is different so it’s not about when they will be the most cooperative, but it’s about the person behind the lens and professionals always have the best tricks up their sleeves to get those little ones to cooperate. And let’s be honest, as mums, we all know it’s just easier when you have a helping hand.

At A Pop Of Love, we start photographing kids once they are able to sit up so this means as early as 5-6 months depending on the child. So we often recommend our families to document their children based on milestones and their child’s ‘firsts’. Imagine putting them all together in an album after their first year – what a lovely keepsake to look back on!

6 – 8 MONTHS – Sitting up and crawling

001 crawl 002 sitting

12-14 MONTHS – First steps


18 MONTHS – First leaps


2 YEARS – Toddler behaviour (the fun cheeky stuff!)

indy  dakota

xanthe  oli

And once they can do all the above and once they have mastered these basic motor abilities, then photographing them around their birthdays is always a good time.


Their personalities really start to show and it’s the perfect time to document this.




Now for those of you who are braver than Amelia and I and have more than one child – sibling photos, whilst a potential migraine in the making, can be so much fun and so worthwhile to get.


For those with younger children, the ideal ages for sibling photos are the youngest being around the 6 month age where they are not really mobile but able to hold themselves up and the eldest at toddler age. This is because we are able to control the younger one and just have to focus the eldest staying put for a snap here and there. For older siblings, this is generally easier as they are able to take direction and they just enjoy being silly with one another.


So that’s it! If you are ready to brave the cameras with your little ones, book a session here. Leave it to us. We promise to get you some great snaps of those little mischievous beings that we all love!

Mother’s Day Special

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, for our March and April sessions, we will throw in three additional images of mummies and their littlies – because all mummies deserve photos like this.

Our next session in Sydney is on 30 April and you can grab your spot here.


Big Blue Eyes

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, touched nor heard…
but only felt from the heart.”

Helen Keller2016-02-17_0013 2016-02-17_0021 2016-02-17_0020 2016-02-17_0019 2016-02-17_0018 2016-02-17_0017 2016-02-17_0016 2016-02-17_0015 2016-02-17_0014

A Little Princess

“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.”


2016-02-17_0022 2016-02-17_0034 2016-02-17_0033 2016-02-17_0032 2016-02-17_0031 2016-02-17_0030 2016-02-17_0029 2016-02-17_0028 2016-02-17_0027 2016-02-17_0026 2016-02-17_0025 2016-02-17_0024 2016-02-17_0023

Sibling Love

“Children’s laughters could simply be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world”



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Can’t wait to see you and your kiddies there!

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