How much is an A Pop Of Love session and what is included?

Our session fee is AU$325  and this covers up to two kids (siblings only). Our sessions are 1 hour long but the total camera time is around 20-30 minutes only. Along with your studio-portrait session, there will be snacks and activities at the event. We will create a private online gallery of 20 edited images carefully selected just for you. Unlimited downloads of the final images are available from the gallery – suitable for post card prints (5 x 7″). Additional High-Res files and prints are available for purchase (no pressure though!).

How do A Pop Of Love sessions work?

Our sessions take place in a studio environment to give the images our  A Pop Of Love look and feel. We try our best to make our sessions simple, quick and easy. We love to have fun with our sessions so we do our best to ensure that the atmosphere is relaxed so as not to overwhelm the kids. Trust us, we know how kids get when they’re overwhelmed and uncomfortable so we try to prevent that from happening!

How many sessions do you have per hour?

Whilst we have you sign up for an hour block of time, we schedule two portrait sessions in an hour so the actual time in front of the camera will likely be about 20-30 minutes. We are both mums and have seen and experienced it all, so we know that sometimes kids can take a little while to warm up and settle down. If someone needs a little time to settle in and get comfortable or grab a snack, we’ll start with the other child first. This also allows us to be really flexible and avoid putting pressure on your kids. Plus it’s more fun for them when they’re comfortable and at ease!


Is there a maximum number of kids per session? 

We have a maximum of two kids per session in order to give you the best experience and highest quality images possible. Our session fee of $325 covers up to two kids (siblings only). You will end up with 20 images regardless of whether you bring one or two kids to the session. If you have more than two kids, we recommend booking two sessions in the same hour. If you do this, we will be able to photograph your kids more and you will get 40 final images. If you would like your child to be photographed with their friend, we ask that you book two sessions in the same hour.

Do we get to choose our images?

Because of the way our sessions are designed, which also results in a low session fee for our clients, we are not able to provide you with an additional sit down to choose your photos. The photos will be provided to you in an online gallery where you can favourite and choose your images. No travel required. Easy peasy!

Are the images edited?

Yes, the photographs will be beautifully coloured and we will remove reasonable minor blemishes, such as scratches or little blisters (we have kids so we understand!), but we cannot remove paint marks or digital ‘plastic surgery’. If you are concerned about anything, please consult with us before the shoot and we will let you know what to be expected.

Can I buy the high-resolution images?

Yes, you have the option to purchase high-resolution images from your gallery. These are available immediately and there is no wait time. You can select individual images via direct download for $50/image or all of the images via direct download for $495. These images allow you to make your own prints, books or other products.


What products do you offer?

We currently do not offer any additional products but if this changes, we will be sure to let you know! 

Do you only photograph children or can parents be in the photos too?

At this point in time, we only photographs kids but never say never! We do ask for one parent to be present with our photographers and stylists to ensure that they feel comfortable and secure and also to help engage your kids (if necessary).

What ages of kids do you photograph?

The ideal age range for our sessions is about 6 months (or if they’re sitting earlier) up to 10 years.


What should my kids wear?

We love modern looks with neutral colors and minimal patterns and print so as to avoid taking the attention away from the kids. We usually ask our clients to bring along 2 outfits on the day so that we can help you style the outfit that would work best in our setting for the day. Please ensure your outfits are crinkle free as this is not something that we can necessarily edit out of your images. Our studio is a shoe free zone so there is no need to worry about bringing a matching pair of shoes. Please take a look at our Pinterest boards  for clothing inspiration, which we hope will help you out a little!

What should we bring to our session?

Please bring 2 favourite head-to-toe crinkle free outfits including any accessories (e.g. hats, hair bands and drool bibs) and a favourite item of the moment – it can be a toy or comforter. We provide kid-friendly snacks and water, but if your child has a favourite snack please feel free to bring them along too. If your child has any allergies, please let us know in advance. Our studio is a nut free zone.


When should I arrive?

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to your session so that your kids can get comfortable in our space. This also gives us ample time to take a look at the outfits you’ve brought and help with any styling before we start your session.

What happens if my child is not in the best of moods that day?

We schedule hour-long sessions to provide as much flexibility as possible. Also, we love kids just the way they are. This may mean tears, laughter, screams and hysterics but it’s all part of being a kid and we love capturing and documenting it for you. We are mums ourselves so have seen and experienced it all so we know what it’s like and will do our best to accommodate and help manage all moods and tantrums! But if you know your child tends to get cranky for a nap or needs to eat at a certain time, for example, we would appreciate it if you could schedule your session accordingly. Thank you!

Do you have any Terms and Conditions that we should be aware of when booking our session?

Yes. Our Terms and Conditions can be found here.